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  • 1. Custom-made Chilled water cooler (designed by Air Control Central)
  • 2. Setting up chiller
  • 3. Custom-made exhaust and intake systems (designed by Air Control Central)
  • 4. Older cooling tower in need of service
  • 5. Older cooling tower after service – nice and clean!
  • 6. Well-serviced soldiers on parade! (rooftop heat/cool units)
  • 7. Nice, shiny new booster pumps!
  • 8. Shiny new heating pump!
  • 9. De Dietrich makes a good boiler!
  • 10. Nice shiny heat exchanger – serviced like new!
  • 11. Off to work we go!
  • 12. Water damage on printed circuit board – caused the mini-split to stop working
  • 13. Hot, dirty work (cleaning rooftop filters on a hot summer day)
  • 14. Wall of Shame! Another company’s work – can’t believe what we’re looking at…
  • 15. What a rat’s nest! (Called in to clean up another mess)
  • 16. Why, oh why …
  • 17. Finishing up another Mini-Split installation!

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